Sir John Anstruther
b.1678 d.1746
married 1717 - Lady Margaret Carmichael
eldest daughter of the 2nd Earl of Hyndford (b.1703 - d.1721)
"in right of whom the family of Anstruther have inherited as heirs general
the estates and representations of the Earls of Hyndford".

James Anstruther

Helen Anstruther (1721 - 1729)

Sir John Anstruther (b.1718 d.1799) married 1750 Janet Fall (b.1727 d.1802) 2nd. daughter of Capt. James Fall (MP for Dunbar Boroughs) and Jean Murray.
Sir John Anstruther of that Ilk (b. 1753) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Indicature in Bengal
married Maria Isabella Brice, daughter of Edward Brice and Jane Smith Adair daughter of William Adair

Note on - Robert Anstruther brother of above -

Colonel Robert Anstruther. Born 31st December 1757. Died 7th March 1833. Married 4th May 1801, Anne Nairne (born 1782; died 27th September 1810). She was daughter of Alexander Nairne of Drunkilbo and Preston Balneairs. Alexander was son of David Nairne of Drunkilbo and Susan Lyon (great great great granddaughter of 9th Lord Glamis and 1st Earl of Kinghorn).

their son

The Hon Philip Anstruther of Tillicoultry. Colonial Secretary of Ceylon. Born 25th May 1802. Died 22nd May 1893. Married, 1838, Mary Frances Stewart-Mackenzie - b. 1819 d. 1913.

Note on the (Ceylon) Sri Lanka Railway.

A railway for Sri Lanka was first mooted in 1842, when the European coffee planters agitated for a railway from Kandy to Colombo, to transport their estate produce for shipment, quickly and regularly, as they had by then opened up virgin lands in the upland country to grow coffee, a viable commercial crop.

After protracted negotiations between the planters and government, the Ceylon Railway Company (CRC) was formed in 1845, under the chairmanship of Philip Anstruther, to construct a railway in Sri Lanka. The company's engineer, Thomas Drane worked the preliminary survey in 1846.

The War of national Liberation/The Kandyan Rebellion (1818)

The War of National Liberation of 1818, described as the Kandyan Rebellion by the British, was the heroic struggle of an independent and patriotic people to overthrow foreign rule and restore their ancient kingdom. It was popular and widespread and came close to achieving its objective despite the fact that it was an uneven combat between native bows and arrows and British guns. It was crushed not so much by military victories as by starving the people into submission by sheer terrorism and wholesale devastation of the land.

Philip Anstruther, later, as Colonial Secretary in Ceylon, stated before the Parliamentary Committee: "It was a most serious and dangerous war." For more detail, follow link.

The War of National Liberation/The Kandyan Rebellion

Mary Helen Anstruther (Arbuthnot)Their daughters

1. Mary Helen Anstruther (image left) - born 31st December 1839. Died 21st May 1912. Married William Reierson Arbuthnot of Plawhatch.

Earlier "linking" of Anstruther and Arbuthnot - see Note 1 below

2. Annie Nairn Anstruther (d.1931) - married (1869) Colonel Charles Edward Stewart - born 23 February 1836 - died 26 December 1904 Their son - Lieut.-Col. Algernon Bingham Anstruther Stewart - born 6 December 1869 - died 23 May 1916 (in action) - married (1911) Edith Evelyn Vivian, daughter of Sir Arthur Pendarves Vivian and Lady Jane Georgina Dalrymple-Hamilton (Born 22 December 1880 Died 17 February 1932) Their children - 1. Sheila Anne Stewart - born 12 February 1915 - married (1943) Charles Spencer Denman, 5th Lord Denman, 2nd Baronet, son of Hon. Sir Richard Douglas Denman, 1st Baronet and Mary Radley Spencer, born 7 July 1916. 2. Barbara Jean Stewart - born 12 February 1915 - married (1939) Major George De Pree, son of Hugo De Pree, General.

Arbuthnot Genealogy | Arbuthnot Association Membership Portal

Sir William Arbuthnot has recently updated his Anstruther lineage to include all Mary Helen Anstruther's siblings. The pedigree table - which he has kindly made available - may be seen via this link.

Note 1

Anstruther/Arbuthnot - Black Watch - The West Indies - Guadaloupe 1758/9

" ... So successful were the officers in recruiting, that within three months seven companies, each 120 men strong, which, with the three additional companies raised the preceding year, were to form the second battalion, were raised and embodied at Perth in October 1758 ..."

" ... Several other actions of minor importance afterwards took place, in which the enemy were uniformly worsted; and seeing resistance hopeless, they capitulated on the 1st of May, after an arduous struggle of nearly three months. The only Highland officer killed in this expedition was Ensign MacLean. Lieutenants MacLean, Leslie, Sinclair, and Robertson, were wounded; and Major Anstruther and Captain Arbuthnot died of the fever. Of the Royal Highlanders, 106 privates were killed, wounded, or died of disease."


In 1903, Sir Windham Robert Carmichael Anstruther - 9th and 6th Bt. (born 1877) married Sylvia Darley. Sir Windham died in the same year. They had had one son, born in 1902 - Windham Frederick Carmichael Anstruther who married Katherine Mary Neilson in 1925 and died in 1928. After the death (in 1903) of Sir Windham Robert, Sylvia Carmichael Anstruther (nee Darley) married Algernon Hanbury-Tracy. She died in 1958. The son of Algernon Hanbury-Tracy and Sylvia Carmichael Anstruther became 6th Lord Sudeley.

Algernon Hanbury-Tracy was the brother of The Hon. Eva Hanbury-Tracy who became the wife of Henry Torrens Anstruther. Henry Torrens Anstruther was the father of Douglas Tollemache Anstruther who, by second marriage to Evelyn Mabel Wormald, was the father of Jean Dionis Anstruther (b.1927 d. 1961). Jean Dionis Anstruther married (1949) Richard David Somerset Drew-Smythe (b.1920 d. 1987) and was the mother of Ian David Drew-Smythe (b. 1950) and Janet Diana Drew-Smythe (b. 1954).

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