Book of 9 Swords Class Variants

Marksman Adept

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A hunter, sniper and tracker, trained in wilderness lore and martial disciplines. The class is as per the 3.5E ranger, except as follows.



The hunter can refresh her readied maneuvers during an encounter by taking a full-round action.

Jade Phoenix Warrior

At the innermost center of the Jade Phoenix conclave are the Jade Phoenix warriors, the leaders of this ancient fellowship of battlemages and masters of the technique of fusing blade and arcane magic. Since the conclave's inception, there have only been two Jade Phoenix warriors in existence at any one time: the head of the conclave, and his or her apprentice and second-in-command. Their fellow Jade Phoenix mages know little of how such intertwining of powers is achieved, although they do know that their leaders seem unaffected by the normal constraints on daily spellcasting. In truth, the technique is a pearl of immense value, as its mastery would remove the greatest limit to a wizard's power: the volume of magical energy that can be channelled each day.

This is a version of the Jade Phoenix mage that doesn't require multiclassing with a spellcaster class. The class is as per the Jade Phoenix mage, except as follows.

Arcane Conversion (Su): From 1st level, you gain the ability to expend readied maneuvers to cast spells. A given readied maneuver can be expended to cast a spell of the same spell/maneuver level or lower. Your caster level is equal to your initiator level, and the standard rules for spellcasting apply. You are treated as an arcane spontaneous caster, with Intelligence as your casting stat. Expending a maneuver to power a spell is considered equivalent to activating that maneuver; thus, for example, a warblade/Jade Phoenix warrior cannot cast a spell and refresh maneuvers in the same round.

Each level of this class grants you knowledge of two additional spells. You choose your spells from the wizard/sorcerer spell list. Each spell you choose must be of a level be no higher than the highest-level maneuver you currently know. (While you could theoretically take only high-level spells, remember that you'll need to use high-level maneuvers to cast them so it may be more efficient to get some lower-level spells as well.)

You are not treated as a spellcaster for the purpose of feat and prestige class prerequisites and effects: in particular, you may not use metamagic feats with spells that you cast using this ability. You can still make use of the empowering and quickening strike abilities, the latter despite being a spontaneous caster. You do not suffer the arcane spell failure chance for wearing light armour.

You regain your expended maneuvers in the usual way, which effectively means you gain per-encounter casting. However, if you cast a spell that has a non-instantaneous duration, the maneuver expended cannot be regained until the spell's duration ends or it is dismissed. This applies to both the maneuver slot and the specific maneuver expended. For example, suppose you expend a readied shadow garrotte (a 3rd level Shadow Hand strike) to cast greater magic weapon, a 3rd level spell with a duration of 1 hour per level. As long as the spell remains active, you lose one readied maneuver slot, and you cannot ready shadow garrotte with your remaining slots.

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