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Following are the Abba singles and albums charts for New Zealand. These are sourced from the books "New Zealand Music Charts 1966 - 1996 - Singles" and "New Zealand Music Charts 1975 - 2000 - Albums" by Dean Scapolo. A new edition of the book is due soon, so please e-mail Dean for purchases. Dean has also been a tireless supporter of this site, with much new information being passed on from him. Thanks Dean!

New Zealand charts began in 1966, and were top 20 until May 1975 when they became top 40. RIANZ took over the charts the same month (and a lot of this is their compiled information), and the old and the new charts overlapped for three weeks. In 1978, New Zealand introduced Gold and Platinum awards, and in 1979 the charts became top 50. The Family label had the releases until 1975, when RCA took over - thanks to Bede Stevens for this information.

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the date the single or album first appeared in the chart.
Title: The title of the single or album. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, that single was considered a double A side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if it was a number 1, how many weeks spent at the top spot.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts.
Catalogue: The number assigned to a particular item to identify it from others. The early releases were on the Family label, and when RCA acquired the catalogue, they were re-released with RCA numbers. In this case, the majority of numbers are from RCA, the company that had all of Polar's releases through to about 1990.


New Zealand Singles
n/aPeople Need Love----Family FAY 1053
n/aHe Is Your Brother----Family FAY 1054
n/aShe's My Kind Of Girl----Family FAY 1055
14/06/74Waterloo0313Family FAY 1087
n/aRing Ring/Honey Honey----Family FAY 1093
n/aSo Long----Family FAY 1099
08/11/74Honey Honey1603RCA 102514
11/07/75I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do01 (01)48Family FAY 1105
07/11/75SOS01 (01)25RCA 102690
06/02/76Mamma Mia0226RCA 102671
14/03/76Fernando01 (09)37RCA 102746
16/04/76Ring Ring1708RCA 102496
16/07/76Hasta Mañana/So Long0912RCA 102560
03/09/76Dancing Queen01 (04)23RCA 102814
19/11/76Money, Money, Money01 (01)08RCA 102835
10/12/76I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do/Rock Me0220RCA 102607
25/03/77I've Been Waiting For You0811RCA 102561
08/04/77Knowing Me, Knowing You0814RCA 102870
09/12/77The Name Of The Game0409RCA 103006
03/03/78Take A Chance On Me1410RCA 103050
n/aEagle/Thank You For The Music----RCA 103130
24/11/78Summer Night City3701RCA 103202
23/03/79Chiquitita01 (01)19RCA 103297
13/07/79Does Your Mother Know2707RCA 103350
n/aVoulez-Vous/Angeleyes----RCA 103414
23/11/79Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!1513RCA 103452
26/09/80The Winner Takes It All1614RCA 103645
n/aOn And On And On----RCA 103719
n/aSuper Trouper----RCA 103747
19/02/82One Of Us4302RCA 103930
n/aHead Over Heels/The Visitors----RCA 103947
n/aWhen All Is Said And Done----RCA 103955
n/aThe Day Before You Came----RCA 104057
n/aUnder Attack----RCA 104088
23/12/92Dancing Queen1407Polygram 863734-2
n/aDancing Queen----Polygram 563308-2

New Zealand Airplay Chart
13/05/77I've Been Waiting For You0504
03/06/77Knowing Me, Knowing You0905
20/01/78The Name of the Game0311
31/03/78Take A Chance On Me0608

New Zealand Albums
n/aWaterloo----Family FLY 222
12/12/75Abba0359RCA VPL1-4013
06/02/76The Best of Abba01 (18)77RCA VPL1-4020
19/03/76Ring Ring3206RCA SL-102323
28/05/76Waterloo3802RCA VPL1-4003
26/11/76Arrival01 (05)42RCA VPL1-4034
03/02/78Abba - The Album01 (05)17RCA VPL1-4060
25/05/79Voulez-Vous0220RCA VPL1-4135
30/11/79Greatest Hits Vol.20314RCA VPL1-4197
05/12/80Super Trouper0514RCA VPL1-6542
15/01/82The Visitors1905RCA VPL1-6607
21/01/83Abba - The Singles: The First Ten Years0508RCA VPL2-6648
06/11/92Abba Gold0312Polygram 517275-2
31/03/95Abba Gold0325Polygram 517275-2
12/02/99Love Stories2404Polygram 559221-2
09/06/99Abba Gold1907Polygram 517275-2
08/03/02The Definitive Collection0910Universal 549974-2
14/03/04Abba Gold1910Polygram 517275-2
05/06/04Abba Gold3601Polygram 517275-2
08/01/07Number Ones01 (03)13Universal
22/07/08Abba Gold0927Polygram 517275-2
28/04/14Abba Gold0408Polygram 517275-2

New Zealand DVD
30/04/04The Definitive Collection0803Universal
27/09/04The Definitive Collection01 (01)14Universal
24/01/05The Definitive Collection0417Universal
05/02/07Number Ones0506+Universal
05/08/08Super Troupers1001+Universal

Agnetha Fältskog:

New Zealand Album


New Zealand Singles and Album
08/03/85One Night In Bangkok0215RCA 104358
03/05/85I Know Him So Well0929RCA 104383


New Zealand Album
15/07/08Mamma Mia!Movie Soundtrack01 (06)43Universal

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