Salicylate List

My list of salicylate concentrations in foods is here.

Why Cysteine May Assist in Salicylate Detoxification

This American Journal of Kidney Diseases article indicates that the amino acid glutathione is used by our kidneys to detoxify salicylates.  Cysteine, another amino acid, can be converted by our bodies to glutathione and I have found that supplementing with cysteine helps me a lot, not just with salicylates but in generally dealing with detoxification problems.  As a result, I suggest that salicylate intolerance may be caused by a breakdown in our bodies ability to produce cysteine from the basic amino acids with the consequence that our bodies are then unable to produce the glutathione needed for the detoxification process.

I supplement with cysteine rather than glutathione because I'm told that it is much cheaper.  It is also much more easily available since it is used by some people to assist with hair loss.

Cysteine occurs naturally in brussels sprouts and eggs and cystine (one step away from cysteine) is in cashews if you want to try some food based routes rather than direct supplementation.

Amine List

My list is amine concentrations in foods is here.

Determining How Much Vitamin C You Need

This article discusses how to determine how much vitamin C you need.  I find that vitamin C is extremely useful is assisting me to cope with chemical exposures and my intolerance problems generally.

Note however that if you intend to supplement with large amounts of vitamin C you should be aware that Nature magazine reported on 9 April 1998 (page 559) that supplementing with large amounts of vitamin C (more than 500 mg) resulted in it acting as an oxidant rather than as an anti-oxidant.  This article provides some evidence to discount this and it may also be that while vitamin C does cause problems in healthy people it is not a problem in people with health problems which are assisted by vitamin C supplementation.

My Permitted Foods

Phospholipid Exchange Therapy

This is a therapy that I started in July 2005.  Please click here for more information, especially if you're also doing the therapy and would be happy to get in touch to discuss how it's working for you.

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A list of links to information on our bodies' Detoxification System, Mitochondrial Function, Phospholipid Exchange Therapy, Pyroluria and Food Intolerance.

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