Strictly Linedance

Sydney, Australia

Text Box: Instruction in Linedancing, beginner level to advanced level, we take you to the limits helping you to realise your full potential.

MICHAEL VERA-LOBOS and NOEL BRADEY are two of Australia’s most experienced linedance instructors, choreographers and judges.  Strictly Linedance has been operating for over 20 years, however, Michael and Noel danced and taught with Australian Linedance (ALD) for many years prior to starting their own venture.  Their passion for line dancing has taken them to many countries around the world to instruct, namely the USA, The UK, Canada, Germany, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Holland, Singapore and The Canary Islands as well as  instructing on numerous Pacific Island Cruises.

You will find all of their choreography included in this web site together with information about their weekly Sydney classes.

Noel Bradey was voted Australian Line Dance Instructor of the year 2013




To contact us:

Phone: +61 412317589

Fax: 61 2 95574043


Strictly LinedanceNoel Bradey and Michael Vera-LobosAustralian FlagAustralian FlagAustralian FlagText Box: Latest Choreography
On Track
You Are The One
The Other Side
I Still Do
Everybody’s Got Someone But Me
I Keep Coming Back
Kiss A Girl
My Last Time
We Can’t Unmake Love
Playing With Fire
All These Years
Don’t Look  Back
Yesterday’s Whiskey
Just Imagine 
The Fighter
Over You (Getting’ Over Me)
After The Storm
Infinite Love
Black & White
Foolish Waltz